Wedding Hire for Garden Games and Lanterns


I adore flowers, growing them, arranging them and smelling them. There are so many expenses to a wedding but to me, flowers are the one thing I could not do without. However you can keep them simple and beautiful so they need not be as expensive as you fear.

Potted Flowers & Trees

Incabella offers a collection of living flowers, these are potted and growing in some sort of lovely container from a beautiful pot to a vintage bucket. These are seasonal flowers so vary month by month, the advantage of potted flowers is you are renting them rather than buying them so this keeps costs down and you have in-season home grown flowers which are far more likely to have a wonderful scent.

These are offered as part of my River Window Mill set-up as well as my Haybale Package but many other options are available so please do ask.

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The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly

William Wordsworth